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Rosabel welcomes you all to a different world: one that's full of beautiful details in order to let us voice real feelings and emotions through exquisite floral arrangements.

Rosabel started operations the 14 of February, 2002 at Barranco Lima, Peru.

All these experience years have gave us great knowledge and masterliness in this particular subject: we are able of bulding different floral arrangements for birthdays, weddings, buffets, fifteen-year celebration, bussiness inaugurations, special events, funeral arrangements on different forms and much more. All our arrangements are built with the best flowers available in the market, coming from Colombia, Ecuador and the Netherlands, where they are cutted and sent directly to our bureaus. All our flowers are fresh and therefore, they live longly after they are bought, much more than the average flower on the market.

Our objective is to mantain our compromise with the stile, detail, and quality of our floral products without loose the confidence that our clients have on us. We do this by sending always that special message to you, arriving to our destiny on time with punctuality and safeness, what makes possible that everybody can transmit and share feelings and emotions through pleasurable floral arrangements, appropiate to any occassion. .