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Orders from abroad

Orders from abroad

We know that being away from loved ones produces a great feeling of emptiness and longing in our hearts. Therefore Rosabel Florist want to express their feelings from anywhere in the world and that your gift reaches your loved ones, here in Peru. This provides you with its "foreign orders".

Florist Lima Peru. Attend orders to be delivered in the city of Lima and Callao. In case you want orders to other provinces should contact us directly at (511) 2476949

Follow the steps below and place your order.

a) Choose the products you want to purchase.

b) Have the name and exact address of the recipient on hand.

c) Perform the purchase on our website.

d) Make the payment for any of the following forms of payment:

e) via credit card, we accept VISA, Mastercard, American Express, Diners and PayPal:

f) via Western Union, Money Gram International, Jet Peru, Money Express, Union Express

Transfer the money to the following person: Abel Manolo Maquera Bocangelino
Country: Lima - Peru.

After the transfer please let us send mail to ventas@floreriaslimaperu.com

1. Indicating the deposit code.

2. Name, surname, telephone and country who made the transfer.

3. If possible scan the receipt or payment voucher.

4. Code or name of the product ordered.

5. Name of the addressee.

6. Full address of the addressee (as detailed as possible and place references)

7. The phrase or Dedication for card printing.

8. Phone earmark person.

9. The date, day and time you want your order to be delivered.

10. Remember to order in advance and that the costs for sending money to Peru are borne by the customer. Find out in the following links offices nearest to you:

Western Union: www.westernunion.com

MoneyGram: www.moneygram.com

Jet Peru: www.jetperu.com.pe

Communicating via telephone at (511) 2476949 Cell: 946181938 To confirm the order and / or by adding us as MSN Messenger. ventas@floreriaslimaperu.com 

The Administration
Florist Lima Peru.