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Privacy policy

Lima Peru Florist guarantees the following rules to protect privacy and privacy of our users and customers:

Forms: Data provided by the client in different forms installed in our website are not subject to computer processing of any kind, except essential details to ensure proper operation of the service. Thus, this data will be used solely for identification and data storage of the machine from which comes the request for services, the sole purpose of checking the veracity of the application. After verifying this, we will destroy such information. Data provided by the client shall not be sold or transferred to third parties.

Access Statistics: Rosabel Florist records data access to the site referred visitors to it. This data is for internal management purposes of the company to search engine statistics to determine the incidence of registration on the website in search engines. Managed IP data, operating system and others are not linked to personal data.

Transfer of Data: No data will be transferred under any circumstances to third parties or even companies in the future that could be affiliated with Rosabel Florist.

Cookies: Lima Peru Florist does not make user profiles, or habits.

Spam: Spam or unsolicited email is strictly prohibited. If the client receives this mail from an email from our company, you must contact the email address and once investigated spam@floreriaslimaperu.com it will close the email account that caused the incident.

PGP: Rosabel Florist has the capacity to send and receive encrypted email and digitally signed. Upon request, all correspondence by e-mail will be sent digitally signed.

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